SE-FIT version 1.20 beta release

The screencast provides an overview of major features of SE-FIT version 1.20.

Crash Course I – Basics

The video provides a quick overview of the basic functions of the SE-FIT Software, including how to load and run a simple case. The STL export feature is briefly showcased to provide the viewer with a method of exporting surfaces to a solid modeling, CFD, or FEA package. The STL surface may be used as an initial condition or structural geometry in other computational programs.

Parametric Sweep Function – Basics

The screencast outlines the basics of using the Parametric Sweep Function (PSF), which allows the user to quickly probe numerous cases automatically. Stability is detected by specifying bounding spatial coordinates that are automatically checked. This allows the user to generate hundreds or even thousands of data points with minimal effort.

Adjoint Minimal Surfaces – Part I

The screencast provides some tips on generating adjoint minimal surfaces using Ken Brakke’s .fe files and exporting them to an STL file.

Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces

Adjoint Minimal Surface Page

Adjoint Minimal Surfaces – Part II

The screencast shows how to export a transformed surface using Ken Brakke’s multiplate “cmd” file.