Link to SE-FIT (Surface Evolver-Fluid Interface Tool) Software

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SE-FIT version 1.30 release

This is a release of the SE-FIT Software 1.30Major updates include

  • New fully integrated GUI layout.
  • Created an interface for plugins.
  • Converted several prebuilt geometries into plugins.

See the download page for more information.

SE-FIT version 1.20 beta release

SE-FIT Software 1.12

The SE-FIT Software has been updated to version 1.12.Major updates include

  • Bug fixes
  • A new feature for creating animation using MPlayer
  • A simplified GUI layout for Parameter Sweep Function
  • A modified GUI layout and enhanced functionality for Batch Processing setup
  • A new GUI layout for Body Potential Energy setup
  • More detailed Help documentation
  • Updated tutorials

See the download page for more information.


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