Link to SE-FIT (Surface Evolver-Fluid Interface Tool) Software

Download the SE-FIT® Software!


Tutorial & Screencast Updates

This week several screencasts will be created for some of the major features of the SE-FIT software including a general overview of different applications. Many of these will be inspired by the original Surface Evolver, fluid mechanics, and capillarity. Because many people may not be familiar with Surface Evolver in general, a review will be created to get new users started with the SE-FIT Software. In addition, a screenshot gallery for different cases will be created to quickly showcase different applications.

SE-FIT® Software Available for Download

As the title suggests, the SE-FIT® Software is available for download. Several narrated videos will be added within a couple weeks that will introduce the software and provide some demonstrations. If you want to test it out yourself, the SE-FIT® Software can be found on the "Downloads" page.

Website Updates in Progress

The website is currently being populated with content, which we hope to complete within a few weeks. Near term additions will include downloadable content, including SE-FIT® software, video tutorials (hosted on YouTube - "SEFITVideos") and updated contact information. After these tasks are completed we will begin adding technical publications and case study demonstrations. At any time comments or suggestions may be sent to research <at>



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